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I picked up a back pain that i have never had before. I got it from lifting weights wrong. The pain was so bad that i couldnt even pick up my little girl. A few people told me about the back clinic so i went and had two sessions in two days and along with exercises i was giving my pain quickly eased and left.

Gary Lafferty

Very impressed with the treatment I got. I went to John for a course of treatments after I broke a bone in my shoulder. I found John to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Kieran Deery

Amazing Results! I would Highly recommend John. Fantastic at what he does. Fixed my sore back and shoulder.

Claire Casey

Excellent service from John and great exercises to keep me pain free. Highly recommended

Barry McGale

Very professional service, assessment on the cause of my lower back pain was found and worked on. Acupuncture treatments had taken my pain away and speeded up the healing process quickly. Highly recommended

John McColgan

John is very knowledgeable, I felt such an improvement on my back after one treatment

Lorraine Duddy

I pulled a muscle and John put it in with ease, next day I was without pain, great result !!

Geraldine Crossan

Great help with my shoulder pain after my neck surgery and John is lovely and puts you at ease. Very happy with my results.

Cliona Mc Callion